What is Aikido?
Aikido provides its participants with an insight into an effective and practical Japanese defence art.

Aikido, meaning ‘The Way of United Energy’, is a Japanese martial art based on the principal of using an aggressor’s energy to nullify his attack by the application of throws or restraining holds.

Aikido is not a sport emphasizing rivalry and competition; rather, it is a practical and effective martial art, which offers its students the scope for positive physical and mental development.

Takemusu Aiki is the term used by O Sensei (Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba) to describe the level of Aikido that develops after many years of training in taijutsu (empty handed techniques), Bokken (wooden sword) and Jo (Staff). After years of regular training, when the principles of Aiki becomes a part of you, creativity begins to flow through your well-honed body and mind, allowing for the discovery of new techniques and ways of moving.

HUTT CITY AIKIDO offers a traditional approach to this non-competitive martial art.



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